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A.M.M.E. Rural Agencies
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A.M.M.E. Rural Agencies: : MichaelAMME Rural Agencies (AMME) is a locally owned and operated business, providing rural supplies and services to Clare and surrounding areas. Opened in 2005, the business is run by Michael Minuzzo, whose parents still own a property in the Burdekin.

Having grown up on farms, Michael and the AMME Rural Agencies team know what it takes to create and maintain productive land. You can be confident they will deliver the correct advice, farm machinery and services to help you get the job done, from the right mowing mulcher, ripper, roller, splitter or shredder to the best soil testing and nutrient advice.

Unlike most suppliers of fertiliser, AMME have their own trucks and agricultural machinery, so they can deliver what you need, when you need it, wherever you need it. While Michael’s busy taking care of customers in Clare, Giru, Millaroo, Dalbeg and as far as Charters Towers, his younger brother Steven services Home Hill, Ayr and surrounding areas. They’ve known most of their customers for years and pride themselves on their down-to-earth service.

A.M.M.E. Rural Agencies: StevenAs well as AMME, Michael runs complementary businesses Battery Tech NQ (Ayr), 24 Hour Battery Express and Agricultural Parts Centre (Townsville). Whatever farm, industrial, car, 4WD, truck, marine, motorbike or deep-cycle battery you need, Michael and his team can supply it. And if you’re chasing oil, filters, or that hard-to-find tractor part, they can sort that out for you too.

Whether you’re looking to buy new or used, they’ve got the gear you need and they’re flexible. They will trade-in farm machinery for someone who wants to buy new or you can leave your gear with them on consignment. After all, they’re the only independent in the Burdekin.

As home-grown members of the rural community, you can trust that Michael and the AMME team are dedicated to meeting the needs of farmers. They have strong ties to their towns and a real understanding of the needs of their regions.

As they say “We may be in Clare, but we will go anywhere”.

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